Barton Fink

John Turturro Barton Fink Illustration

I generally find out that Little White Lies magazine have been holding an illustration competition that I would love to enter about a day after the competition has closed (their Woody Allen 24hr Sketchathon was a particularly irritating example as I have enough drawings of the guy lying around to legitimately qualify as a suspect should he be abducted). In the case of their Coen Brothers Sketchathon comp to celebrate the release of Inside Llewyn Davis I found out about it a whole day before the deadline. Which meant I got to spend four-and-a-half hours on this picture of John Turturro from Barton Fink in order to hit the midnight cutoff last night. It's not a winner but I love the Coens loads and when I was sixteen I wrote a presentation for my Film Studies A-Level class arguing the case that the two together could be considered a single auteur, because I was obviously the kind of sixteen-year-old who did that. So I would have punched a door if I'd missed the deadline.

The brief was to create a black & white portrait of your favourite Coen character. Which was hard to decide. Barton Fink is a pretentious narcissistic arse who feigns an interest in the plight of others but really is obsessed only with himself. John Turturro's performance is so good that I love the character even though I have absolutely nothing in common with him. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

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