Something Pretty

Selfie girl sticking out tongue illustration

So I thought that this week I'd give myself (and you) a break from the seemingly endless parade of middle-aged and elderly ugly white men that populate this blog and draw something pretty for a change. I couldn't resist throwing a few extra eyes and some ominous colours in there but that's just window dressing.

I had a lot of other work to do this week so this was supposed to be a quick project taking up a couple of hours on Friday night (and maybe Saturday morning) to leave me the rest of the weekend free. I was just going to draw it quickly (which I did) and then colour it simply with two or three different blocks of colour on Photoshop (which I did not do). I have yet to start the other work that's piling up and if it wasn't for the Tuesday deadline arbitrarily set by this blog I probably never would.

(Incidentally - an update to last week's blog post wherein I explained how I worked extra hard to meet the deadline for the Little White Lies Coen Sketchathon... They didn't get my email.)

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