I did less in 2013 than I thought...

Seeing as it's New Year's Eve I thought it would be nice to look back on the last twelve months and post all the photographs I have from the various shows, exhbitions and fairs I've been involved with over the last year in my capacity as an illustrator. Unfortunately there were only two. So I've filled it out with some photos from my MA show in 2012:

For this show we contacted a local brewery and provided a keg of ale for the patrons alongside the standard cheap red wine - it was a raging success.

Roughly a year later we all put on a show at The Poly in Falmouth (organised by Beth Hutchison) with the imaginative and highly original name - Twelve:

While invigilating I made custom movie postcards to sell to the gallery visitors. And I sold one.

Johanna Roehr and I bought the alcohol for this show from the Falmouth Lidl on the day of the show. We spent twenty minutes arguing with the checkout staff and assistant manager in order to get the buy-five-bottles-get-one-free discount that was advertised but it was worth it. We got the wine and the show was a raging success.

And then in November I got a table at the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair in November and a bunch of us put a zine together under the hilarious name 'Falmouthed Illustrators'.

It was not at all awkward to sit at our table all day and try to sell photocopied comics (also pictured not looking awkward - Becky Jones).

But we managed to get a couple of carrier bags full of cans of lager behind the table and the day was a raging success.

And that was 2013. I really thought I did more stuff... 

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