Fargo Movie Poster

Coen Brothers Fargo movie artwork

So, I'm obviously incredibly grateful that we're living in THE GOLDEN AGE OF TELEVISION and I'm a huge fan of Noah Hawley's Fargo TV show (just like everyone who has seen it because it's great).

But. Saying that. Marge Gunderson is where it's at. So there she is.

This is a relatively quick one that I drew a while back (and wasn't completely happy with). Believe it or not I do exercise a small element of quality control when I'm deciding what to post online. But I'm neck deep in commissions this week so I no longer have that luxury.

18 Year old Bowie and George Michael school photo illustrations

Drawing young David Bowie postcard

Young George Michael illustration

So I was commissioned to make two postcard sized drawings a little while back on the theme of "music". And I thought it'd be a nice thing to commemorate two of our recent fallen idols.

But there's already a ton of Bowie artwork out there (some of it from me) so I went for a drawing based off a pic of him around 18 looking (I suspect at least somewhat on purpose) a little bit square. And then to close the loop I found an old school photo of George Michael for his picture.

After these were painted and sent away I got all inspired by the idea and decided to do a whole series of icons when they were young and looking a little less iconic. But as I have proven time and time again on this blog, having the idea for a project and following through on it are two entirely different things.

So there are the two above, and maybe I will get around to doing some more at some point.

Here's the Bowie with some paint put on it:

watercolour David Bowie 18 years old

illustration John Waters drawing

Illustration Karen Allen sketchbook

sketchbook illustration Willem Dafoe

So, some more sketchbook portraits this week.

I know it's hackneyed and only a step away from being a slogan on a T-shirt in Primark but that John Waters quote:

If you go home with somebody and they don't have books, don't fuck them.

That's about as true as it gets. People who don't read books shouldn't be trusted. And they definitely don't deserved to get fucked by you, you lascivious literate lunatic. Maybe you think I'm biased because by day I'm a librarian. But I'm a librarian by day because of books.

Then Karen Allen. For two reasons: My brother's favourite film when we were kids was The Wanderers and, regardless of how weird it is that a seven year old kid's favourite film was The Wanderers, I have seen it enough times to burn out a VHS cassette; and Karen Allen is a sparkly-eyed angel with a smile that could stop a war.

And last - Willem Dafoe. Because I know you have a face. But you don't have a face the way Willem Dafoe has a face.

Mr. T Illustration

Illustrated artwork Mr. T

So here's Laurence Tureaud throwing his customary levels of shade on all those idiots for whom he feels nothing but sorrow.

I'm a bit busy with commissions at the minute, so this is another piece of newly coloured linework originally created for my eighties themed Inktober drawing marathon. And Mr. T is the eighties. So of course he made an appearance and there he is above.

Darjeeling Limited Movie Poster

Wes Anderson Alt Movie Poster artwork Darjeeling Limited

So here are the three Whitman brothers hanging off the back of the Darjeeling Limited.

I've posted a lot of Wes Anderson artwork on this blog over the years (take a look at it all here) but I've barely scratched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how much Wes Anderson artwork I intend to make. There are entire films he's made I haven't even touched on.

So if that's not the kind of thing you dig, I suggest we shake hands now, thank each other for four pleasant years, and go our separate ways. Because if his next film is an uninterrupted 90 minute shot of a blinking turn signal, I'll be making some artwork commemorating that piece of (no doubt meticulously constructed) piece of film-making at some point.

Wes Anderson poster art

Capaldi on the TARDIS

Doctor Who Twelfth Doctor Artwork

So, Doctor Who's back on the telly (in April where it belongs) so here's a picture of Capaldi sitting cross-legged on the TARDIS that I was commissioned to make a while back.

Looking back on it, this blog isn't exactly short of images of the Twelfth Doctor, (see evidence of that fact here) but he's been with us almost as long as I've been posting this weekly claptrap. Along with Bill Murray and Jack Nicholson, Capaldi just has a great face that I'll never get tired of scratching out on some bristol board.

Anyway, we're not going to delve too far down into Whovian geekdom here, but I thought Saturday's episode was pretty good. I like the Doctor as a weird old University professor, and Bill seems great. When the BBC is owned by Rupert Murdoch we'll look back on this time with a fond smile.

Doctor Who Capaldi TARDIS

Bill Murray Portrait

Bill Murray drawing artwork

So, it's been four years (pretty much) since I decided to start a blog called The Sunday Dog Parade and post a new illustration on it every Tuesday. And if you've been with me for a while, you know that I celebrate annually by posting a portrait of Bill Murray.

Because if I didn't limit myself then I'd draw him every week and it would get weird. Like that girl in Fear and Loathing who keeps painting Barbara Streisand.

When I started doing this, I didn't intend to only post portraits. And I didn't realise that's what I've ended up drawing exclusively until just now. But what else is there that's worth doing?

I've been weak this last twelve months and I've already drawn him a bunch of times. But here's Bill in all his forlorn glory. Like a beautiful wet shoe. Or a garment bag that's blown out of the window of a taxi cab.

bill murray line drawing illustration

Admiral Ackbar "It's a Trap" illustration

It's a Trap Ackbar poster

So here's The Admiral - objectively the best character out of all seven (at the time of writing) Star Wars films (and probably all the books and comics and games and that too... but I'm just assuming there).

I read this list of trivia about Ackbar when I was looking for source imagery and read this great thing about how Richard Marquand deliberately picked the weirdest concept design they had lying around when he was deciding how he should look. And he stuck by it when people said it was going to look dumb as Hell. Later on he said, "I think it's good to tell kids that good people aren't necessarily good-looking people and that bad people aren't necessarily ugly people." Which makes up for a thousand Ewoks.

Indiana Jones Illustration

Indiana Jones Poster art
Nothing shocks me, I'm a scientist

So here's Mr. Marion Ravenwood himself, Dr. Henry Jones Jr. (everyone knows Indiana is the dog's name).

Check out that lopsided cocksure grin there. Harrison Ford is such a gigantic grump these days its easy to forget what made him so likeable in the first place. I'd say he's more than earned it though.

Anyway, more eighties stuff next week probably. It's really got me jonesing for some movies with recognisable theme tunes. I miss the days when you could walk out of the cinema with an earworm.

Blues Brothers Illustration

Jake and Elwood Blues Brothers illustration

So, the Blues Brothers has been one of my favourite movies (periodically it cycles around to be my favourite movie) ever since I saw it for the first time as a little kid. I had the soundtrack on cassette tape and the film on VHS. And every few years I circle back around to try and make some piece of art that captures how much I love this film. One day I'll get there. This is not that day, but there's the latest crack at Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi as "Joliet" Jake and Elwood Blues above.

I was planning on researching a blog entry about the production and (specifically) the phone book sized "script" that Dan Aykroyd wrote. But I started reading this great article on Vanity Fair about the production of the movie and I just read that instead of doing a blog entry.

So here's the article: http://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2013/01/making-of-blues-brothers-budget-for-cocaine. Just go read that instead and pretend that I plagiarized it here.

If you're also a fan of The Blues Brothers then watch this space - I'll be making another poster in 2020 or thereabouts.