Robocop poster

Illustrated Robocop poster
So, I talk a lot about how Robocop is my Nan's favourite film, but it's true. And I must have seen it on VHS about a hundred times. Not a lot of time this week due to commissions, so here's Alex Murphy.

Danny Torrance - The Shining

The Shining Kubrick Danny poster

So I've posted a lot of stuff online over the years, and I can never tell which things are going to get all the likes and which ones aren't. Sometimes I hold a picture back from social media for a bit while knowing it's going to absolutely kill because it's the best thing I've ever drawn and people are going to go nuts for it. And then I put it up and it lands like a sack of rotten coconut flesh on a pile of felt. Other times I know I have to put something up to maintain my momentum and the only thing I have is a piece of crap that's been gathering dust in some loser folder on my hard drive for years. And I post it with a sad grimace and I get a thousand new Instagram followers overnight and sell thirty prints of it on Etsy.

The point is, I have no idea what people are going to like so I just keep making stuff I want to make and hoping for the best. And, seemingly at random, some stuff catches on.

A couple of years back I made some portraits of Jack and Wendy Torrance from The Shining and they turned out to be (by a considerable distance) the most popular things I've ever posted online. So much so they're now my business cards. I don't think Danny has quite the same iconic power, but I always thought it would be a good idea to complete the family. So there he is, looking scared, above.

Bruce Campbell

Evil Ash Evil Dead Drawing

So, here's Bruce Campbell and his chin from that time he turned into Evil Ash in Dead by Dawn.

It's an old picture with some colour added while I get on with some bigger projects, but it's always crazy fun to work on something with a bunch of weird gory detail like this.

Girl in a leather jacket

angry girl with hair blowing in the wind drawing

So, the ridiculously gorgeous Rochelle Seignot was kind enough to let me use her as a source for an image this week.

She's not normally scowling like this, but I'd just made her sit in a windy beer garden while I took a ton of photos while giving instructions like, "Try and look happy and sad at the same time." And, "Don't look at the camera, but don't necessarily not look at the camera." So I think she's fine to be slightly annoyed.

I'm going to try and move away from illustrations that are purely influenced by films for a bit. It's not that I don't like films anymore, but I think I need to see if I can do anything else. There might not be a whole lot changing around here though, as I have a backlog of cinema-inspired line drawings that need to be coloured, a couple of other film-based projects that I have already started, and I will probably still be doing quick movie doodles in the sketchbook. But when all of that is done - no more films.

Riggs, Lethal Weapon Illustration part 2

artwork Mel Gibson Lethal Weapon

And here's Mad Mel as Riggs to go with last week's Murtaugh.

Since that first Lethal Weapon movie came out Shane Black has pretty much just carried on making films where two guys (one fast talking, one slightly less fast talking) solve an incredibly violent and tangled mystery in L.A. while bickering constantly. And as long as he keeps doing that I'll keep watching them.

Murtaugh, Lethal Weapon Illustration part 1

Poster illustration Murtaugh Lethal Weapon

So, when I watch Lethal Weapon now, Murtaugh is so much more relatable than Riggs. When I was a kid I was all about Mel Gibson running around like a madman, but after having a job for a decade I have way more time for the guy who just wants to get through the day with the minimum of fuss so he can go home and have a sit down.

I'm not saying my college library job is exactly the same as working for the LAPD, but if I got partnered with a new maverick librarian like Mel Gibson I think I would do a lot of side eye and sighing too.
illustrated artwork Baby Driver

So I saw Baby Driver on the weekend and it was fantastic. Go watch Baby Driver.

And then I came home and decided to draw this scrappy poster. It was just a quick one, but it's been a while since I saw a film and immediately felt like making a poster for it. And it was fun as Hell.

I've been a big fan of Edgar Wright since back in the days when I used to watch Spaced on hard rotation, so it's great to see him absolutely killing it, and especially good to see the weekend box office kick the ass of Transformers: The Last Knight. Some might say that you shouldn't have to see someone else fail in order to feel joy. But in this case I'm going to say that doesn't apply.

Doc Brown Poster

Doc Brown Poster Christopher Lloyd Back to the Future

So here's Doc Brown. Drew this back during the 80s movie portrait drawing marathon I put myself through for Inktober.

If you get the chance go catch him in I Am Not A Serial Killer. It's always nice to see Chris turn up in anything, but this one is especially good. It's such a weirdly heartfelt and unique slice of coal black film-making, and he is fantastic in it.

Anyway, there's the Doc. I don't think Back to the Future needs a shoutout - it's doing fine.

Sigourney Weaver - Ellen Ripley Illustration

Ellen Ripley Sigourney Weaver James Cameron Aliens Artwork

So I went back to the Sigourney Weaver Ripley drawing I did back in October, fixed the shape of her head and added some colour.

Did you ever see the trailer for Aliens? It used to play at the start of my Nan's VHS of Commando. If you want a lesson in trailer-making that doesn't give away plot but is also an unbearable onslaught of horror and tension then that's where you should start. (And then go watch Aliens again. Because it's perfect. And the second best film about a xenomorph. After Alien.) 

Anyway, here she is.

Etsy Prints

etsy poster Hannibal

Her Joaquin Phoenix print

Ramones Poster print

Whiplash JK Simmons Print

The Shining prints

So, this week I'm really pushing the boundaries of what can be considered new work.

But I've been selling my work on Etsy for a while now and here are some of the prints.
I get these made as Giclée art prints using archival ink (that'll last for a hundred years) on heavyweight recycled paper from the fantastic Niche Frames in Bristol. If you want work done and you live in Bristol then it's the place to go.

So I just thought I'd put that out there. Really not keen on the idea of shilling so hard this week, but I have nothing finished I can post that isn't a commission waiting to be used by the commissionee. I did just have four days off work and, theoretically, I could have used some of that time to make some new stuff. But guys, it was really sunny.