Inkblot illustration (something that isn't from a movie for once in this goddamned blog's history)

So here are two illustrations I made based off pictures from the Instagram account of user theinkblot_g3.

I'm trying to take a break from drawings based on movies for a bit and GAYU was generous enough to let me use some of her excellent pics as sources. I'm working my way towards drawing some stuff that isn't a head and shoulders portrait - but it's a long road and I've just started walking it.

Withnail & I poster

Alternative Movie Poster Withnail and I

So I'm trying to move away a bit from only doing illustrations inspired by movies. But I've been working on this off and on for a while and I think I can make an exception for one of the finest films available to humanity.

Love Stories with Dolly Alderton Podcast Logo

Love Stories podcast logo

So here's the logo I designed for Dolly Alderton's new podcast to accompany the publication of her book - "Everything I know about Love". The podcast dropped on Friday (it's great) and is currently destroying the UK iTunes chart. So go get on that.

Dolly wanted something inspired by vintage Doris Doy movie posters, which is one of the best briefs I've ever been given. And from start to finish it was nothing but fun to work on. I've burned through thousands of hours of podcasts (Dolly's previous podcast with Pandora Sykes "The High Low" included) while working on illustrations over the last few years. So it's about time I gave something back.

Bob Dylan smoking a cigarette

Bob Dylan illustration

So here's Bob Dylan smoking a cigarette. Wanted to take another pass at this, but when it's Tuesday and it's half nine at night then what's done is done.

Black and White Lady

lady in a black dress drawing

So I've got some longer projects that I've been working on for a while now that are almost finished (plus some commissioned work), but I still needed to post something today. So here's a a quick picture of a black and white lady.

Rocket and Groot Illustration

Guardians of the Galaxy Poster

So normally I spend my time drawing inky portraits of men and women from TV and films who all look like they aren't having that great a time. It's not very often I get to draw space raccoons holding giant guns or any of that fun stuff. But it was my nephew's birthday, and he really digs The Guardians of the Galaxy. So I got to stop trying to impress people with my movie and TV choices for a week and draw this thing.

Fleabag poster

Fleabag Poster Phoebe Waller-Bridge

So, as of the time of writing this, Phoebe Waller-Bridge's excellent sitcom Fleabag is available on iPlayer in it's entirety for another 6 days. I strongly suggest you watch it.

Johnny Ramone Illustration

Illustration artwork Johnny Ramone

Really enjoyed doing all the fiddly little details on that Joey Ramone drawing I posted a couple of weeks back. And I still really like The Ramones. So here's Johnny.

Best Nine 2017

Illustration 2017 Ryan Gajda

So here are my top nine posts of 2017 according to how many likes they got on Instagram.

For the third year running my most popular post is some variation on the drawing I did of Shelley Duvall back in 2015 as Wendy Torrance in The Shining. Here she is taking the top spot in 2016. Not sure exactly what I did there that people dig so much, but I'm hoping I can crack it in 2018 - she's been wearing that crown of likes for too long now.

Anyway, 2017 was fun - more drawings to come in 2018. With some movement away from the standard head and shoulders portrait that I've gotten so fond of over the years.

Joey Ramone Drawing

Joey Ramone Illustration

So I've pretty much given up on listening to new music now. Partly because I'm addicted to podcasts, partly because I'm getting old as Hell.

But when The Ramones are as great as they are it doesn't really matter that much - so here's a drawing of Joey.

I don't normally post unfinished drawings on their own here (Inktober excepted) but I kind of dig this one the way it is. And I don't have anything else. But mainly the first reason.