illustration John Waters drawing

Illustration Karen Allen sketchbook

sketchbook illustration Willem Dafoe

So, some more sketchbook portraits this week.

I know it's hackneyed and only a step away from being a slogan on a T-shirt in Primark but that John Waters quote:

If you go home with somebody and they don't have books, don't fuck them.

That's about as true as it gets. People who don't read books shouldn't be trusted. And they definitely don't deserved to get fucked by you, you lascivious literate lunatic. Maybe you think I'm biased because by day I'm a librarian. But I'm a librarian by day because of books.

Then Karen Allen. For two reasons: My brother's favourite film when we were kids was The Wanderers and, regardless of how weird it is that a seven year old kid's favourite film was The Wanderers, I have seen it enough times to burn out a VHS cassette; and Karen Allen is a sparkly-eyed angel with a smile that could stop a war.

And last - Willem Dafoe. Because I know you have a face. But you don't have a face the way Willem Dafoe has a face.

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