18 Year old Bowie and George Michael school photo illustrations

Drawing young David Bowie postcard

Young George Michael illustration

So I was commissioned to make two postcard sized drawings a little while back on the theme of "music". And I thought it'd be a nice thing to commemorate two of our recent fallen idols.

But there's already a ton of Bowie artwork out there (some of it from me) so I went for a drawing based off a pic of him around 18 looking (I suspect at least somewhat on purpose) a little bit square. And then to close the loop I found an old school photo of George Michael for his picture.

After these were painted and sent away I got all inspired by the idea and decided to do a whole series of icons when they were young and looking a little less iconic. But as I have proven time and time again on this blog, having the idea for a project and following through on it are two entirely different things.

So there are the two above, and maybe I will get around to doing some more at some point.

Here's the Bowie with some paint put on it:

watercolour David Bowie 18 years old

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