Blues Brothers Illustration

Jake and Elwood Blues Brothers illustration

So, the Blues Brothers has been one of my favourite movies (periodically it cycles around to be my favourite movie) ever since I saw it for the first time as a little kid. I had the soundtrack on cassette tape and the film on VHS. And every few years I circle back around to try and make some piece of art that captures how much I love this film. One day I'll get there. This is not that day, but there's the latest crack at Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi as "Joliet" Jake and Elwood Blues above.

I was planning on researching a blog entry about the production and (specifically) the phone book sized "script" that Dan Aykroyd wrote. But I started reading this great article on Vanity Fair about the production of the movie and I just read that instead of doing a blog entry.

So here's the article: Just go read that instead and pretend that I plagiarized it here.

If you're also a fan of The Blues Brothers then watch this space - I'll be making another poster in 2020 or thereabouts.

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