Love that Joker!

Jack Nicholson Joker wet face drawing Batman

So, I tend to stay away from drawing established comic book characters. mainly because there are literally thousands of other people out there already doing it and doing it better than I could. But I'm ploughing through my Inktober linework and adding colour so here's Jack Nicholson as Mr. J in Tim Burton's Batman.

Which makes this the sixth time I've posted a Jack Nicholson flavoured blog entry in two years. But the man just has such a Goddamned drawable face (I also have an oil painting of him that I haven't quite finished, clogging up the pipeline). I think it's the eyebrows.

And say what you want about Burton's 1989 Batman, but that movie definitely went far out on a limb there. So there's this week's thing above.

Incidentally, I've just given my website a long overdue overhaul. It's at
if you fancy taking a trip on over to see an unnecessarily large collection of my favourite work (that I have already posted here). If that's not an exciting prospect then I don't know what is.

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