Library Wall Mural

So I drew this thing on the wall of the college library where I work. I got the kids to suggest stuff and whatever they came up with I put on the wall. This is what they suggested:

  • A yeti reading a book
  • A ballerina fox
  • An inflatable cat
  • Emo Nemo
  • A telepathic snail
  • A robot
  • A pirate starfish wearing rollerskates
  • A lizard painting another lizard like one of his French girls
  • A flying piggy bank
  • An emperor penguin
  • A black hole
  • A ninja hedgehog
  • A princess T-Rex
  • A unicorn-squid
  • A rollerblading cat 
  • A superhero carrot
  • A phoenix
  • "My dog"
Some of the stuff I did not have room or time to draw included:

  • Half chicken half snail
  • Octopus pole dancing
  • Monkey on steroids
  • The dankest kush

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