Another portrait

scratchy ink drawing beautiful pouting girl

So I remember back in the day when I started this blog I had years of work in hand ready to post. And then when I caught up to myself I would diligently start on the next week as soon as I'd posted.

My how time's have changed.

At half seven tonight, basking in the sleep-deprived glow of a completed commission I remembered I have a blog and I haven't missed a weekly update in the nearly three years since I started. So Here's another coloured portrait based on an Inktober sketch from a source portrait by a DeviantArt user: Expressions 11 by (the lovely) Faestock (original here). 
And as long as the blog retains its position in my list of priorities (below commissions but above sleep) then I will continue screaming into the void of the internet for a good long while yet. 

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