Louie Poster

Louis CK portrait digital art

So here's comedian Louis CK looking bemused in a (sort of) poster for his fantastic TV show. If you haven't seen it, it's one of the best things on television at a time when it seems like everything on the box is better than it's ever been before. Funny, sad, strange, uplifting, downbeat, surreal, cynical, idealistic, mundane, and any other adjectives you'd care to throw at it. It's a rare example of a show that is written, directed and edited by one person (who also stars in it) and, as a result, manages to represent the singular viewpoint of one man as much as TV can. Which, ironically, makes it resonate on a universal level so much more than other shows that dilute their content with multiple viewpoints, notes, reservations and expectations. 

I really like it is what I'm saying.

And it seems like as long as Louis wants to keep making it, it'll keep getting made because (unlike other fantastic shows that are critically adored but haven't found a big audience) it costs next to nothing to make. This gives Louis the freedom to make a sort of weird 30 minute long weekly sitcom/standup special/indie film/romcom/sketch show/avant garde video art mashup that has ended up being one of the few shows that is genuinely surprising every episode in terms of tone and content and just what kind of stories it wants to tell.

And it's not just for pretentious assholes like me, everyone should be watching this show. But maybe don't because then I wouldn't feel so special.

Anyway, in terms of the illustration, there's not a lot new there that I haven't done before - a poster featuring a close-up pen and ink portrait of a middle-aged comedian that I then scanned and digitally coloured. It feels like I do this every week, but looking back it's actually been quite a while. So there it is.

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