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Poster Illustration True Detective

So I'm really into this season of True Detective and I thought I'd make the poster above.

I'm kind of a sucker for stories about Californian corruption. I read a lot of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett when I was younger and I love the movie Chinatown. But I think it goes as far back as Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Judge Doom's nefarious plan to build a freeway through ToonTown. Obviously the grinding misanthropy of Nic Pizzolatto's dialogue in True Detective is a bit of a tonal shift from Roger Rabbit, but it's in the same ballpark. Eddie Valiant was pretty damn cynical.

Season 2 has been getting a lot of criticism for not being Season 1, but I get the feeling that lots of critics - having had time to reflect on the hyperbolic praise they'd given Season 1 - were just waiting to pounce. And the knives were drawn and sharpened waiting for Vince Vaughn before anyone had even watched a scene. Personally the goodwill I feel towards the guy that he earned in Swingers still hasn't been suffocated. It's a bit wheezy and it should probably be carrying an inhaler around with it, but it's still breathing. And I think this makes him a fine choice to deliver lines that Scott Meslow (writing for The Week) described as "a kind of bebop gangster jargon". Which I'm pretty sure he meant as a criticism but I've chosen to interpret it otherwise.

Anyway, I deliberately didn't include any massive portraits of the stars on this poster because that's what I always do and I have to get out of my comfort zone at some point. Plus there are four stars in this show and it would have taken a long time to draw them all. But that's definitely not the main reason.

Incidentally, when I started working on this and that guy was walking around with a freaky crow head and a shotgun it seemed like there would be a significantly higher amount of ominous bird imagery than there has been since.

The source image I used for the overpass is "100-23" by J. Pitt and is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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