Supermarket Girl

For the third week running I am posting an old drawing that I've dug out and recoloured. Unfortunately, the collaboration process with myself from two years ago did not go as smoothly as it has in previous weeks. He was uncooperative and difficult from beginning to end. I thought the background of the image was shoddy and needed to be downplayed. But he'd spent hours on it trying to get the perspective right with almost no idea how to do this, eventually starting from first principles, and he felt that his efforts should be displayed. I explained that I appreciate the time he put into it, but it would make us look inexperienced, and after a blazing argument I won out because I had control of the computer.

Needless to say he left in a huff and I was free to completely overwrite his pale childlike watercolouring when it came to the girl in the foreground.

Although I'm happy with the end product, it has come at a price and I worry that the harmonious working relationship that we have hitherto enjoyed has been irrevocably damaged.

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