Red haired lady illustration

drawing portrait red hair girl

Here's another illustration that wasn't inspired by a movie. Because that's what I'm making myself do now. This is based on a source pic from Instagram user @princessfairylai who was kind enough to give me permission to do my thing. 

I'm 260 posts deep in this blog and it's a lot harder now to think of people I want to draw that I haven't already had a bash at somewhere along the line. And Instagram has been a really big help when it comes to finding source pictures of great looking people while I figure out what I'm going to do next (and there is something next coming - I feel it on my back). 

I don't know if other people reach out for permission before using a picture from another user's profile as the basis for artwork. But I dig it. And I think it's only fair - we're all out there together looking for those likes. And I've been really blown away by how generous people are. It's nice knowing that there are people out there in amongst those algorithms. And that they're cool with me drawing them.

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