vintage poster dr strangelove Kubrick
So I got asked to be a part of a Stanley Kubrick exhibition in Burbank California at Creature Features ( and put together the thing above.

I've been meaning to paint something riffing on the pulpy illustration style of Robert McGinnis for a while now, and had also wanted to take a crack at a Strangelove poster featuring the the image above. So I put the two together.

Painting, rather than my usual digital colouring, took far longer than I expected (and also required a ton of Photoshop tweaking to get the scan looking halfway decent) but I think I learned a fair bit. Made a ton of mistakes along the way and had to figure some stuff out, but I'll come back to the oil paints at some point when I have another spare gigantic chunk of time and a bunch of vodka. 

Also, it turns out Robert McGinnis is incredibly talented and you don't get to just decide one day that you can paint as well as he does. Who knew?

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