Another round of sketchbook illustrations

Marc Maron sketchbook

Charlize Theron Atomic Blonde illustration

John Malkovich sketchbook illustration
So, not for the first time, I'm bogged down with commissions and other bits of work that I can't post - so here are some scratchy rough portraits from the sketchbook.

I used to constantly draw in sketchbooks when I was coming up, but tapered off a few years back when I started getting into this whole drawing stuff business in a more serious ill-advised way - working on larger things that took a bit more time. And then I was really jazzed when I got my green Ciak sketchbook and started up again.

I had this idea that it didn't matter how things in the sketchbook looked and I could just play around and have fun. That ended pretty quickly when I posted a quick portrait of Alan Moore on Instagram and got a ton of likes. Since I am a whore for the likes the sketchbook immediately became a quick and easy content generator.

What I'm going to need to do is get a second sketchbook on the go where it doesn't matter what I draw because it's not for posting and I can try out new things. Of course, I will probably post something from there if I particularly like it, and if that should happen to get some love online then it will turn into a second layer of content generation. And I will inevitably move deeper and deeper into the strata of sketchbooks like an infinitely recurring set of parenthesis.

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