Film Director Sketches

kubrick drawing

Martin Scorses pen drawing

Coen brothers pen drawing

So I've been really busy with some pretty time consuming commissions lately. I had three weeks booked off work and I got to this weird place where I was just working on the same thing for seven hours a day, drinking vodka, and listening exclusively to true crime podcasts and You Got It by Roy Orbison on repeat (which I have recently realised is the greatest song ever written).

I'm not going to sit here and say that isn't exactly what I want to be doing with my life, but there's probably a limit to how much of a good thing one can handle before they start to disappear into a recursive pleasure cycle - like those rats that got wired up to a button that stimulated the pleasure centre of their brains and lost all interest in anything else other than pressing the button and died of starvation.

So I took an occasional break to try out my new Lamy pen and draw some film directors doing film direction. Here are some scrappy rough sketches of Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorsese and the Coen brothers.

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