David Lynch Twin Peaks Portrait

David Lynch Twin Peaks Gordon Cole art

So, I've posted a few bits of Twin Peaks stuff over the years. And now it's back on the television so, in between commissions, I had to make this thing that I did.

Needless to say, the new season of Twin Peaks is a thing of sublime, inscrutable, sinister, absurd beauty. Damn fine television. And listen, just like everyone else watching I might have felt a slight twinge of worry when I realised during that opening two hours that we weren't going to get a nice warm nostalgic update of what we got before. But this is some of the most exciting beguiling television I have ever seen. 

I didn't intentionally make it look like a presidential campaign poster, but what with the thumbs up and the American flag pin it sort of went that way. We can dream, right?

David Lynch Gordon Cole drawing

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