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illustration sketchbook doodle Quentin Tarantino director portrait

Illustration Steve Buscemi portrait sketchbook

Drawing sketchbook Oona Chaplin
So, while I'm busy with commissions here's another batch of sketchbook drawings this week.

First, there's Quentin Tarantino being passionate and opinionated about cinema.

Then Steve Buscemi - he's got this reputation for being a really weird looking dude, and I'm not saying he doesn't have a distinctive face (I'm not insane) but the guy is suave as Hell. Look back at Reservoir Dogs, he's smouldering in that film. Also, learn how to say his name correctly - it's pronounced "Steve". 

And finally, I'm not sure how much this actually looks like her, but this was supposed to be Oona Chaplin - seducer of the King of the North, tortured citizen of the Black Mirror, great-granddaughter of Eugene O'Neill and granddaughter to Charlie.

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