Darjeeling Limited Movie Poster

Wes Anderson Alt Movie Poster artwork Darjeeling Limited

So here are the three Whitman brothers hanging off the back of the Darjeeling Limited.

I've posted a lot of Wes Anderson artwork on this blog over the years (take a look at it all here) but I've barely scratched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how much Wes Anderson artwork I intend to make. There are entire films he's made I haven't even touched on.

So if that's not the kind of thing you dig, I suggest we shake hands now, thank each other for four pleasant years, and go our separate ways. Because if his next film is an uninterrupted 90 minute shot of a blinking turn signal, I'll be making some artwork commemorating that piece of (no doubt meticulously constructed) piece of film-making at some point.

Wes Anderson poster art

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