Capaldi on the TARDIS

Doctor Who Twelfth Doctor Artwork

So, Doctor Who's back on the telly (in April where it belongs) so here's a picture of Capaldi sitting cross-legged on the TARDIS that I was commissioned to make a while back.

Looking back on it, this blog isn't exactly short of images of the Twelfth Doctor, (see evidence of that fact here) but he's been with us almost as long as I've been posting this weekly claptrap. Along with Bill Murray and Jack Nicholson, Capaldi just has a great face that I'll never get tired of scratching out on some bristol board.

Anyway, we're not going to delve too far down into Whovian geekdom here, but I thought Saturday's episode was pretty good. I like the Doctor as a weird old University professor, and Bill seems great. When the BBC is owned by Rupert Murdoch we'll look back on this time with a fond smile.

Doctor Who Capaldi TARDIS

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