More sketchbook drawings

Troy Barnes Community Drawing

Michael Shannon Illustration

Harry Dean Stanton illustration

So here's another batch of portraits from the pages of my Ciak sketchbook.
Donald Glover as Troy Barnes looking suspicious from Community... I really need to get around to making a proper illustration for that show, I've watched it through from start to finish more times than I would like to admit here.

Michael Shannon staring with the intensity of a dehydrated cobra watching a burning oilfield.

Harry Dean Stanton just chilling and being his usual amazing self. He's cropped up in some of my favourite films of all time (Repo Man, Alien, Wild at Heart...) as well as pretty much every movie that's ever been made. But this was actually drawn from a screengrab of Fire Walk With Me because it's been far too long since I've drawn anything Twin Peaks related and I was jonesing.

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