Bladerunner poster - Rachael

Sean Young as Rachael, Ridley Scott's Bladerunner poster
So, I love Bladerunner. The production design is some of the best you will ever see in any movie, the performances are great, the cinematography is flawless,  the score by Vangelis is insane and it's sort of based on a book by Philip K. Dick.

But every time I watch it there's one thing that always jars with me (aside from J.F. Sebastian's weird "toys" played by little people) and that's the bit when Harrison Ford's Deckard rapes Sean Young's Rachael. I don't think that was the intention of that scene, but it definitely plays that way whenever I see it. 

In my opinion she is certainly the most sympathetic character in the whole film. She finds out she's a replicant and all of her memories have been taken from someone else and artificially implanted in her head. And then she has to deal with the full force of Harrison Ford's considerable capacity for scorn. Not even Kate Capshaw had it as bad.

So that's why I concentrated on Rachael when it came to Bladerunner during my eighties movie drawing marathon in October. And that's why she's the focus of the poster above.

(And there's no point going on about how amazing Rutger Hauer's self-written speech is because we all know all about that already.)

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