Bill Murray as Dr. Peter Venkman

Illustration portrait Bill Murray Ghostbusters
Back off man, I'm a scientist
So I only intended to draw Egon when I started these Ghostbuster drawings, but the source image (from the end of their commercial: "We're Ready to Believe You!") had Ray and Peter in it too, so I just kept working my way across. 

Longtime followers of the blog will know that I generally save Bill Murray portraits for the anniversary of the SDP, but this year I did an 80s movie theme for Inktober (it's like October but with a new drawing every day for no reason) and I decided to make an exception for Dr. Venkman. Because just look at him there. Somehow he manages to be sarcastic and judgemental without even saying anything, like a pigeon that's just witnessed you mistakenly wave at a mirrored shop window.

There was no Winston in the source pic (he hadn't joined the team at this point in the movie) but I'm gonna have to draw him too and combine the team into a poster or something in the not too distant future. So that's something to look forward to.

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