Christmas Sketchbook Time

Bad Santa Illustration

John McClane illustration Die Hard

Bill Murray Frank Cross Scrooged Illustration

So here are three more from the sketchbook this week. And it's Christmas film time at The Sunday Dog Parade.

So to celebrate some of the best that holiday cinema has to offer here's: 

Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa... which is better than a film called "Bad Santa" has any right to be. But I guess that's what happens when you get Terry Zwigoff to be the director, the Coen Brothers to punch up the script and an IRL drunk Billy Bob Thornton to play your lead.

Bruce Willis as John McClane in Die Hard spouting (the edited for TV version of) his famous catchphrase.

Bill Murray as Frank Cross in Scrooged. Which is a film I watch while drunk out of my mind every year. And every year I cry big dumb drunk tears at the end when he realizes the error of his ways.


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