Sketchbook Drawings

Bob Dylan portrait illustration

Nick Cave portrait illustration

Patti Smith portrait illustration

So, some more sketchbook drawings this week. Here's Bob Dylan, Nick Cave and Patti Smith.

And it looks like after three and a half years I'm circling back round to the start when it comes to portraits of people I like. And the cycle is only gonna get smaller at the rate people I like are dying these days. 

Here's my previous Patti Smith drawing: and here's Nick Cave: from way back in June and July 2013. Things have changed quite a lot since then - back when I drew the old Patti Smith pic I was excitedly experimenting with a new technique where I got blind drunk and drew portraits of people I liked. Now that's just a standard weekday evening.

And that old Nick Cave painting is a particularly weird one to look back on. I painted it in a couple of hours one night about a year before the post, and I've never been able to recapture the technique. Plus, reading the accompanying entry, I used to try a lot harder in these writing bits beneath the drawings.

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