Inktober 2016 - Week 1

Inktober drawing Robert De Niro

Egon Spengler Inktober Drawing

Dan Aykroyd Ray Stantz Inktober Drawing

Peter Venkman Bill Murray Inktober Drawing

So it's October again. Which means I will be punishing myself by posting a brand new ink drawing on social media every day of the month as part of the masochistic slice of torture porn that is Inktober.

This year, in order to help cut down the time it takes for me to think of subjects every day, I've decided to take an odyssey through the 1980s and daily post a different cultural icon from the most subdued and elegant 10 year period heretofore witnessed.

So above we have a Raging Bull and three Ghostbusters. Robert DeNiro as Jake LaMotta to start us off on day one because it was released in 1980 and acts as a nice bridge between the nihilistic cinematic masterpieces of the 1970s and the films that came out in the 80s. And then I drew the Ghostbusters because of course I did.

Longterm followers of the SDP will know that I am currently attempting to limit the amount of times I draw Bill Murray to one a year. This is in order to mark the anniversary of my first week blogging and to make me a less likely suspect should Bill ever get kidnapped by a crazed fan. My original intention was just to draw Egon but the source image I used (a still from the "We're Ready to Believe You" commercial) was a mid shot of Egon, Ray and Peter. And Ray had a really funny expression on his face that I wanted to have a go at. And then once I'd drawn the two I figured I'd break my rule and finish the set. (Incidentally, this is also why there's no Winston, but we're only on Day 4 so maybe he'll make an appearance later).

Anyway, that's it for now - lots more inky goodness to follow.

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