Princess Leia

Carrie Fisher Star Wars drawing

So I'm still stuck on that magical decade of movie-making that is the seventies. And here's Carrie Fisher in the movie that some would say put an end to those halcyon days of blissful nihilism and grown up cinematic cynicism. 

There's definitely a bit more to it than that and the decade still had three years left when A New Hope was released (Cimino's Heaven's Gate in 1980 would be a more chronologically pleasing end point) but from the moment John Williams heralded that crawl with a blast of brass the days of the pessimistic Hellborn antihero were numbered.

Obviously this is a very glib assessment but that's my narrative and I'm sticking to it.

I still have one or two seventies film illustrations kicking around, but the 31 day Hellbeast that is Inktober is fast approaching. And for that I'm moving on to the eighties - the classiest decade of them all.

(And obviously, Star Wars is brilliant and I love it. So please don't set my car on fire.)

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