Al Pacino in Serpico

Al Pacino Serpico Film Poster

So here's some more from the 1970s (aka the greatest cinematic decade of all time).

This time it's Al Pacino in Serpico. And when it came to drawing Pacino it was kind of a toss-up between Serpico and Dog Day Afternoon - released in consecutive years and both directed by Sidney Lumet and set in New York. They're both fantastic. But Serpico won the day. If you need a reason why then watch this clip:

Jesus that's some good acting. I've always had a deep love for Serpico and his disguises, which was only intensified by Max Fischer's incredible staging of the story for his school play in Rushmore:

It's a brilliant film, and you could do a lot worse with your time than having a Serpico-Dog Day Afternoon double bill with the curtains closed on a sunny day.

If it's all seemed a bit 70s around here lately it's because I'm working on making something that brings all this stuff together, and I'll be selling it at the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair on October 1st. Come along if you're into that kind of thing.

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