There are some who call me... Tim

Monty Python and The Holy Grail drawing

So here's John Cleese as Tim The Enchanter from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Which was a pretty big deal for me back in my teens.

Back in those pre-streaming days I remember staying up ridiculously late to watch Monty Python themed nights on the Paramount Comedy Channel, asking my Nan to get me Monty Python VHS tapes from Woolworths and going over my friend Hywel's house to read his dad's copy of Monty Python's Big Red Book (which was blue). And now there is no Paramount Comedy Channel and there is no Woolworths (Hywel is still knocking about though).

It was harder to find stuff back in the day. And you felt like you really owned something when you'd put in the work to get it. Now it's easy to get everything. And nerds like me have to work even harder to find something that no-one else knows (or cares) about that they can feel smug about quoting in its entirety. But I have faith that nerds will persevere. 

Who knows what deep dark secret corner of the internet some thirteen year old with broken glasses and a weak chin is currently memorising in order to display his superiority to the others in his inward-looking clan. It truly is an exciting time to be alive.

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