Peter Henry Emerson drawing

So I was commissioned to make these two small postcard drawings a little while back. They had to have something to do with East Anglia.

The first one is a detail from a photo of a fisherman taken by Peter Henry Emerson in 1887 who recorded scenes of country life in East Anglia and published them in the book, 'Pictures From Life In Field And Fen'.

The second is Edward Walter Allen, a signalman of the Cromer Lifeboat Station who died in 1941 saving 44 sailors from the wreck of the SS English Trader.

It's always fun getting commissions based on subjects I know nothing about. I've never been to East Anglia, but now I know more than I ever thought I would about its fine history and people and I can't believe more people don't know about the Cromer Lifeboat Station. 

I don't normally work this small and I almost never make anything that has so little irony. But it was great taking my tongue out of my cheek and having a vacation from myself with these.

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