Sketchbook Drawings

Wes Anderson sketchbook drawing

alan moore sketchbook picture

Woody Allen sketchbook drawing

So I post pretty regularly over on Instagram, but it's mainly just the same stuff I put up here on the blog.

Lately though I've been filling out a sketchbook with these scrappy little drawings and here are a couple above. (top to bottom: Adrien Brody in Grand Budapest Hotel, Alan Moore and Woody Allen in his most underrated film - Broadway Danny Rose)

It's nice to get back to the sketchbook for a bit. I used to fill them compulsively when I was younger but these days I just tend to draw really worked through pieces on sheets of A3 Bristol Board. There was something real nice about just drawing quick no pressure stuff for fun that only existed within the pages of the book. So I decided to try and get back to that a bit. And of course I ruined the whole point by posting the drawings to Instagram but there they are above.

And also here's a photo of my green Ciak sketchbook, because this right here is porn to me.

sketchbook green Ciak

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