David Bowie

David Bowie Smoking artwork

So I drew the linework for this Bowie portrait last year for Inktober and I did the colouring just recently. Obviously things have changed since then and the world is a much worse place as a result. 

(He wasn't supposed to die, he was supposed to live for a thousand years, his earthly form evolving into something new and exciting every decade in preparation for his ultimate union with a sexy galactic consciousness).

Like everyone else I completely lost my shit while listening to Blackstar during the drive to work on the day the news dropped. That was a big moment. But fortunately it doesn't override the moment when I was a first year undergrad, heard Life on Mars for the first time and listened to it on a hard rotation for a solid week.

I listened to the two parts of Adam Buxton's Bowiewallow podcast special while doing the colouring on this. Which is highly recommended for anyone still trying to deal with a Bowieless world.

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