Personalised Ghostbusters Commission

personalised Ghostbusters artwork

So this is a commission I made for a friend of mine. She first brought it up back at the end of July last year ready for her husband's birthday at the end of January. And although I didn't start it for a while, the large amount of time was pretty handy as it ended up being one of the most complex pieces I've made to date. Possibly because the whole thing was made digitally with my Wacom tablet, or possibly because I just really like drawing Ghostbusters stuff. But probably because an image that includes people, buildings, a car and a giant Mr. Stay Puft takes a lot longer than just drawing a huge close-up of a sad face with a gradient in the background. Which is definitely my default setting.

Anyway, there it is. It was a ton of fun to do, so (as always) if anyone wants anything similar then give me a shout.

Also, when I was researching the Ghostbusters headquarters (which is actually FDNY Hook & Ladder No. 8 firehouse) I found out that the building used to be double the size with two doors but was cut right down the middle when Varick Street was widened... who knew, huh?

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