Mark Corrigan Congratulates You on the Birth of Your Child

Mark Corrigan "Who's the Johnson now, Johnson?"

So this was a fun commission I made a little while back. A friend of mine wanted a congratulations card made for someone she knew who was having a baby. And, because she obviously has very good judgement and an unimpeachable sense of what is appropriate for any situation, she wanted the card to feature Mark from Peep Show saying "Who's the Johnson now, Johnson?"

And seeing as the new series is currently airing (and it's excellent) I thought I'd post the thing that I made today. And I did! There it is above (and below).

Mark Corrigan "Who's the Johnson now, Johnson?"

If you've forgotten about how good Peep Show was - it was really good. And it still is. So if you aren't watching the new series, then you should change that. And if you're expecting a child, you should think of Mark, let Mark be your light.

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