Girl With Orange Hair Illustration

tangerine 12 beautiful girl orange hair drawing

So, if you haven't noticed, I am currently working my way through a bunch of line drawings I already posted and I'm colouring each one digitally. This one above is based on a DeviantArt source picture called Tangerine 12 by Cathleen Tarawhiti (original here) and was first posted on my Instagram account for Day 12 of Inktober.

It was kind of a strange one this. Inktober this year coincided with a couple of different commissions, which meant that I was pretty busy for most of the month. I sort of rushed this one through and wasn't exactly crazy about it. But then it got picked up by the @inktober Instagram account and got me hundreds of new followers. So what the Hell do I know?

Anyway, here it is with a whole bunch of colour slapped on. As always, massive thanks for the source image which, in this case, came from Cathleen Tarawhiti. My drawing doesn't look a whole lot like her and doesn't do her justice at all, but she's got some great stuff out there to use for sources.

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