Another Doctor Who Illustration

Timeline portrait 13 Doctors

So, I can't remember if I've mentioned this incessantly pretty much every week for the last month or so, but I've been very busy with commissions lately and haven't had time to make anything new.

So I was rooting around in my hard drive for something to post today and I found 13 pictures of the 13 (ish) Doctors that I made for the first 13 days of Inktober 2014. I think I'd intended to colour each one of them individually at some point but I've had over a year to do it and I didn't and I guess this is fairly topical seeing as the last episode of the current run of Who has just aired on BBC1. So I've just lain them out here and done whatever it is that I've done above instead.

It does mean that I've posted an awful lot of Doctor based content lately - but this should hold me over for a while.

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