More Inktober - Beautiful Deviant Art Stock Photo Models (Volume 2)

Cathleen Tarawhiti drawing

Reilune DeviantArt drawing

drawing Mirish DeviantArt

Illustration Antonia Wilson Fashion Model

So this really will be the last Inktober post this year. Not because I've gotten off my arse and decided to get some original work up here, but because I've pretty much run out of stuff at this point.

Here are some more portraits based (mainly) on beautiful DeviantArt stock photos, kindly provided to be used for just this sort of thing by some truly saintly internet angels. I've deviated a bit from the sources on some of these, but that's mainly because the pressure of making a new drawing every day turned my brain into a sandwich.

So, these pics are based on (in order) Tangerine 12 by Cathleen Tarawhiti (original here), Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Reilune (original here) and Vampire - Stock 4 by Mirish (original here).

And then lastly (but definitely not leastly) there's a portrait of stunning fashion model Antonia Wilson, who I was fortunate enough to grow up with on the same street. In real life she's gorgeous and does not have those weird lines all over her face - I don't know what I was thinking.

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