I'm Sorry but Here's Some More Inktober

Drawing of David Bowie

Illustration - Under The Skin Scarlett Johansson

Drawing of Gwyneth Paltrow Royal Tenenbaums

So, I was really not intending to post any more Inktober pictures. But I did 31 separate drawings last month. And I am so tired. And I have these commissions going on right now. And I had a cold. And these were just there already done.

So this is David Bowie from Day 20, Scarlett Johansson (with black hair in Under The Skin) from Day 24 and Gwyneth Paltrow as Margot Tenenbaum from Day 25. For the past four weeks I've been plugging my Instagram account if you want to see them all, but the way things are going I'd say just wait it out a couple of weeks and they'll all be up here.

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