Inktober 2015 (Post 3)

Libertines Illustration artwork

Libertines Artwork illustration

So, it's still Inktober and here's another post with drawings from days 17 and 18.

So I was a huge Libertines fan when I was a teenager. And I got around to downloading the new album this week and it turns out I'm still a huge Libertines fan. So here are Pete and Carl beaten and dead from the (ace) video for Heart of the Matter.

I'll probably get around to colouring these drawings at some point and reposting. And I'll write some more stuff all about how when I was younger (and my nose hadn't been broken) I had long hair like Carl BarĂ¢t and my friend Mat looked a bit like Pete and bought a Welsh Guards coat that he wore to a bowling alley. But for now it's still Inktober at the same time as some actual paying illustration gigs and my full-time day job. So there isn't time for all that nonsense.

More next week - but follow on social media (links on the right) if you just can't wait.

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