Headphones Girl Illustration

blue hair headphones pretty girl drawing

So, that's the end of the 1950s modernist book covers for contemporary TV shows. At least for a while. And mainly because I was tired of typing out that description.

This week I've made an illustrated portrait of a beautiful girl who looks a little bit pissed off. Which I know it seems like I do a lot, but it's been 8 weeks since the last one (I counted).

I just recently found out that there are a whole bunch of people on DeviantArt uploading photos of themselves and objects to be used as stock images by anyone who wants to do something creative with them. All they generally ask for is credit and a link to the finished piece so they can see what's been made. Because the internet really is a beautiful place sometimes.

To start me off down this rabbit-hole I've drawn an image uploaded by the (straight up gorgeous) user faestock. She has uploaded hundreds (thousands?) of beautiful images, but you can see the particular one I used here. It's called Blue2.4.

I've been making a lot of portraits lately using entirely digital processes. And then when I've been making hand-drawn stuff I've used rigid grid-systems to ensure the proportions are exactly right. Which has been making this whole dumb thing that I do a little creatively stifling. And then I spent 9 hours on Bank Holiday Monday a week or two ago on a painting that ended up looking just so boring and so bad. On Tuesday I came home late from a hard day at work in the library doing books, drank some vodka and drew the pen and ink base for this piece in an hour and it was much more fun.

Which is all a long winded way of explaining why it doesn't look exactly like the original image. And also, if roughly drawn ink illustrations of beautiful women aren't your bag then it would probably be a good idea to steer clear of this blog for the next three or four weeks.

Here's a process gif of this week's portrait showing the original pen and ink drawing and then all the digital colouring I did afterwards:

process drawing gif

Thanks to faestock for making this a thing!

(Also, this week, after two-and-a-half years of writing everything in bold I've decided to cut that out. It was starting to feel like the unread blog equivalent of Tony Blair's emphatic hand gestures.)

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