Black and White girl portrait

thoughtful girl portrait drawing

So, a pretty quick illustration this week using one of the many terrific source images available from the profile of the DeviantArt user dust-stock (which you can view here).

I've been burning through tons of paper lately making these really sketchy quickly drawn portraits in an effort to open things up a bit and get more expressive with my linework. And the vast amount of stock imagery people have uploaded to DeviantArt to be used by anyone who wants it is a great help. I still think it's absolutely amazing that so many people are putting images out there to be freely utilised in this way. It's like a beautiful counterpoint to the bottom half of the internet.

So thanks again Kamille (dust-stock's real name I believe) and all the others like you out there making it possible for idiots like me who are terrible with a camera to have something to draw.

(I did plan to post something else this week, but I didn't finish it in time. And in case it's not obvious what it would have been then I should point out that on Saturday's Doctor Who Peter Capaldi rode a tank while playing an electric guitar.)

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