True Detective Modernist Book Cover

So, I'm still cranking out these 1950s modernist inspired book covers for contemporary TV shows. And that still sounds ridiculous.

I know it's only been a short while since season 2 ended (and I already made a poster inspired by that which you can view here) but I really wanted to have a go at something based on season 1 of True Detective. Because as much as I enjoyed Vince Vaughn's 'bebop gangster jargon' and Colin Farrell's eyebrows, that first season was something real special.

I guess the aim here was to make something that looked like a children's activity book from the 1950s. And if Saul Bass had made children's activity books that ripped off Spy Vs. Spy and Cliff Roberts then I would have achieved this goal. But he didn't. So I didn't.

... I still kind of like it though. Especially the idea that within the unwritten pages of this book the cute versions of Rusty and Marty from the cover will encounter starkly modernist cartoony naked corpses tied to nightmare trees - maybe in the form of a dot-to-dot. And then later the reader can use their pencil to navigate the maze through the projects in one unbroken streak and get to Marty waiting in the car at the end.

Anyway, there's probably going to be at least one more of these book cover things next week, because they're really fun to do.

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