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Roger Sterling Mad Men TV show poster

So here's the second illustration in my series of 1950s modernist book covers for contemporary TV shows... which is such a ridiculous sentence I can barely believe I wrote it. At present I cannot in any way condone the message conveyed on this cover by Mr. Roger Sterling, as I am currently crawling through the tail end of a two-day hangover. But ask me again on Friday and I suspect it will be a very different story.

I love Mad Men by-the-way, and I thought the finale was one of the most satisfying I've seen for any show. But I gushed about it quite recently accompanying a poster I made (which you can view here) and I don't really want to repeat myself. Roger's my favourite though, and the scene towards the end (mild spoilers) where he played the organ while Peggy rollerskated around in the background made me laugh more than lots of other things have made me laugh.

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