Hannibal Cookbook Cover

Hannibal TV show poster illustration

So just like everyone is saying all the time these days - "We're living in a golden age of TV". And to celebrate that fact I've decided to spend five weeks or so making 1950s modernist style book cover illustrations for some of the best shows around.

And up first there's this Hannibal cookbook cover thing above. It's the craziest (and most gloriously decadently violent) show I've ever seen on US network television. And showrunner Brian Fuller has gone on record as saying:
"We are not making television. We are making a pretentious art film from the 80s."
Which is all you should need to know. There are only two episodes left to air in what looks to be the final season, which should give you plenty of time to catch up for the finale. After which it will no longer be the best show that is currently airing. But for now, that's what it is.

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