Yoga Pose Illustrations

illustration yoga

So, this week I made some illustrations of a friend of mine who is able to bend her body into ridiculously impressive shapes. Her Instagram account provides evidence of just what the human body is capable of doing when operating at peak capacity, while simultaneously making me feel like an acid encrusted old battery leaking in the back of a Speak & Spell stored in a garden shed.

I made the above image using my new graphics tablet, and I made a gif showing the different stages along the way:


Before that though (because I'm afraid of turning into The Lawnmower Man) I made a painting in the traditional "putting paint on a piece of paper using a brush" method. This is it below:

illustration painting yoga girl
(Thanks to Lisa Klingler for letting me use her images as sources this week, and for making me feel bad about the 80% of my time I spend sitting in a chair smoking and eating bacon sandwiches while alternating between drinking black coffee and whatever alcohol is within reach of my pathetically atrophied limbs.)

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