Vector Art Portrait

girl with wine glass digital portrait

So, as I've mentioned a fair few times now, I've been experimenting with creating purely digital images with no hand drawn elements. I've posted a couple of things lately that I've drawn using my new Wacom graphics tablet, but I've also been playing around with vector based illustration. My biggest experiment with this so far is above.

One of the main reasons I've been trying out digital illustration is I had this crazy idea that it would speed up my process. And maybe it would if I was any good at it. But the portrait above has taken about a month to get where it is. And I poured so many hours into it that I considered kidnapping my friend Hannah (who was kind enough to let me use her image as the source) and forcibly shaving her head. She certainly has a majestic inky-black barnet, but it's a total bastard to draw.

The other problem with vector art that I can see is that it sometimes looks a little soulless. But hopefully I've managed to capture some of the booze-soaked chaos that radiates off Hannah as if the ghost of Katherine Hepburn was accidentally overlaid with the spirit of Oliver Reed. Even if the wine glass looks like clipart rejected from an early version of Microsoft Word.

And saying all that, I'll probably be posting some more vector based work relatively soon. It's human nature to quickly forget the grueling intensity of the journey and focus on the end product. Just like Glastonbury, queuing for rollercoasters and pregnancy.

(Big thanks to Hannah this week for letting me use her wonderfully antagonistic photo as the source.)

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