Yawning Vector Self-portrait

So I made the self-portrait above for use as my new avatar on my illustration social media accounts.

I used vectors entirely from start to finish with nothing hand-drawn. Which is still a really new process for me and I'm in the early experimental stages. And I'd rather mess up with myself as the guinea pig than someone else. 

I'm still not entirely sure whether I like this way of working, I really enjoy the act of physically drawing something, and vector work  (I think) can lack some of the personality of hand-drawn illustration. But it's early days for me and I'll see what happens.

If you're wondering why I'm yawning in the picture, does anyone else have this thing now where if they lie down in any position for more than five minutes they just fall asleep? It would have been much harder for me to find a source photo where I wasn't yawning.

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