This is England 90 - Rave Poster

Design a 90's rave poster for This Is England '90 on Channel 4

So there's a competition running on Talenthouse at the minute to design a 90s rave poster for the new series of Shane Meadows' absolutely fantastic This is England series. That's my submission above which was very heavily inspired by Jamie Hewlett and 90s alternative comix. Not sure if it's quite what the brief wanted and I probably would have been better off putting together some trippy acid visuals and isometric shapes - but I'm a sucker for this kind of heavy-lined flat-coloured over-accessorised stuff and I've been meaning to ineptly rip it off for a while.

If you feel like giving me a vote you can do it here by clicking the "Love" button:, it'd be much appreciated but I know you have stuff to do so I'm not going to go on about it.

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