Cowboy and Indian drawing according to the specifications of a 5 year old

illustration of stuff a kid said

So, this week the creative source of my blog has been outsourced and I let a five-year-old child who was close at hand decide what I drew.

His specifications were simple:

A cowboy and indian riding towards each other
They are in a forest
One is wearing glasses
One has a shield on his back
Their skin is blue
One is called Idiot
The other is called Pluto
They are throwing pillowcases filled with bombs at each other

Which was all fine except for the fact that normally I would never draw anything that involves horses or is set anywhere other than a desert or an empty room because horses have lots of legs and I'm very lazy.

I'm not sure at what point it turned into a sort of Avatar-themed blacklight disco forest. But it did and there it is.

Here's the note where I hastily scribbled the creative brief:

scribbled nonsense

I've included it here for proof and because I've just noticed that, for some reason, the notepaper I have next to my phone in the living room is branded by "Special K mini breaks". I have no idea why this is the case or what they are, but a stack of this paper has always been there.

Here's the drawing that I presented to the 5 year-old before any digital colouring:

blue skin drawing

I assume he liked it, and I'm sure he would have said as much if he wasn't really into his iPad Spiderman game at the time.

I really enjoyed drawing this utter nonsense, so if you are a five-year-old with disposable income (or you have access to one) then I am available for commissions. Contact me for details and I will draw whatever insane stuff your kid says.

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